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Timothy Top saves the world!

Timothy Top saves the world!

Timothy Top is eight years old and has two really special qualities: green fingers that heal plants and a big heart to change the lives and fortunes of the people he loves.

During the creative workshop designed for children aged 8 to 11 "Timothy Top saves the world!" — organized by Nidi in early October in the Kids space at Milan's Hangar Bicocca premises — the comic strip artist Gud, with the aid of his character Timothy Top, revealed the secrets to creating adventures and comic strips to the budding young artists.

Amongst a riot of colours, laughter and questions that were anything but predictable, the young attendees enjoyed a valuable educational experience during which they learned about caring for the environment, the value of friendship, and the importance of fighting for the important things by all available means.

Browse the gallery and check out all the superheroes drawn by the children who attended the workshop.

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