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Visit Nidi’s new virtual showroom

Visit Nidi’s new virtual showroom

Nidi presents its new Virtual Showroom, a space virtually open to everyone that can be easily accessed from any online device.  

The eight rooms of the Nidi Showroom are distributed over 500 square metres and show how the products presented in the Nidi catalogue evolve according to the age of the users: the fun style of bedrooms for young children lead onto practical solutions designed to satisfy the needs of girls and boys from age eight to twelve, followed by bedroom furniture constructed to support teenagers aged thirteen to sixteen as they study and grow. The most minimal and elegant rooms are the last ones showcased, designed to meet the requirements of young adults aged seventeen and over.

Each of these eight rooms differs in terms of furniture, customisation of finishes and colour palettes. More importantly, each bedroom creates a world designed around the needs of children and young people in the various phases of their growth.  

Visit the Nidi virtual showroom