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An environmentally responsible choice for everybody's future

An environmentally responsible choice for everybody's future

Longtime advocates of child welfare and ensuring a future for the planet, the Nidi brand is proud to be part of the Pannello Ecologico® (ndt. Ecological panel) Consortium. An important step towards sustainable and responsible design, to create kids' rooms and furniture that are not just beautiful and functional, but are also kind to the environment.

Why this Pannello Ecologico®?

With the Pannello Ecologico® — made from 100% post-consumer recycled wood —over 1.5 million tonnes of wood are reclaimed each year and converted into a valuable raw material that offers impressive aesthetic and strength qualities Using recycled wood helps save almost 3 million trees a year, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and stop huge amounts of waste material ending up in landfills.

Joining the Pannello Ecologico® Consortium is a tangible demonstration of our commitment to the environment and the world's forests, and for anyone wanting to furnish their kids' room with style and environmentally friendly materials, the panel is a perfect choice.

Find out more about the Pannello Ecologico® and Nidi's sustainability efforts: Pannello Ecologico® Consortium website