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An increasingly green future with FSC®certification

An increasingly green future with FSC®certification

The Forest Stewardship Council® is the most internationally significant forest certification scheme, a bastion in the protection of our environmental heritage and forests.

The FSC® mark tells consumers that the whole timber supply chain, in compliance with strict standards, comes from forests that are managed in a way that enhances the environment, having a socially beneficial and economically sustainable impact.

Accreditation as an FSC® certified company is deeply meaningful for Nidi, whose core mission is to create furniture for spaces in which new generations can grow, dream and build a bright future.

By choosing Nidi's FSC® certified products, you are providing your kids with a safe and inviting environment, while also protecting forests, and fighting climate change and biodiversity loss.

Join us in supporting sustainability: choose FSC® certified products and learn more on the website https://it.fsc.org/it-it and inquire at info@nidi.it if the product you're interested in is FSC® certified.